What is scientific translation and how does it relate to your company?

Scientific translation is often mixed with technical translation. In addition to the sciences (biology, chemistry, physics), scientific translation primarily encompasses the medical, pharmaceutical and research-related fields.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of the some of the documents that may need to be translated by a scientific translator:

  • Package inserts for medications
  • Medical literature
  • Research articles
  • Clinical studies
  • Patents
  • Specialist journals
  • Surgical procedures
  • Documents aimed at patients


Do you need to be a doctor or have studied medicine to be able to translate these specialized texts? This is not a formal requirement, but, as with translation in any field, training in a specialist area is always an asset. Regardless of the subject matter, a translator must combine two types of expertise: linguistic capabilities and technical knowledge in the subject area. A translator cannot be a specialist in all fields. That is why it is important, when selecting a translator, to ask about their areas of expertise. For example, despite having excellent language skills, a legal translator would struggle to translate the results of a clinical trial.

What are the challenges in scientific translation?

There are increasing numbers of pharmaceutical products available on the market and medical research advances every day. Translation serves as a link between the scientific communities of different countries. It is often by drawing on the work of their counterparts that scientists are able to make progress.

Scientific translation is one of the most rigorous and precise areas of translation. We require our translators working in this field to demonstrate that they are specialists as a mistake could have life-threatening consequences. Imagine what could happen if there were a translation error in the package insert for a medication, for example, or in a surgical procedure… It is therefore essential to call on a professional scientific translator for these types of specialist text. We are able to deliver the required quality of translation, whilst maintaining the strictest confidentiality.

 We can work with a range of document formats and will deliver the translated file with the same layout as your source document.

We already work with a number of companies in the scientific sector. Why not join them? Please do not hesitate to contact us with any enquiries.

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