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Simultaneous interpreting services

This is the type of interpretation needed for major international events: international organizations, general meetings of major international groups, professional congresses, etc. The organization of these events usually requires at least two interpreters per language pair, as each interpreter can only work for 30 consecutive minutes in good concentration conditions.
This also requires a technical infrastructure including headphones, booths and channel splitters to direct each language to a specific audio channel.
DAT is able to provide you with all these resources, all over Europe.

Remote simultaneous interpreting

Remote simultaneous interpretation has progressed exponentially with the Covid19 outbreak. International organizations and large companies have since discovered its merits in terms of cost savings and efficiency. There is therefore reason to believe that this new form of interpretation will grow significantly in the future.
The principle is based on the use of a digital platform that provides the role of interpretation booths, audio channel splitters and even video channels. And as in a conventional simultaneous interpretation, the listener chooses a channel that corresponds to the language he wishes to listen to. Interpreters can be anywhere, but connected to the same platform.
DAT ensures the selection of interpreters according to the field of the meeting, coordinates their interventions and selects the platform appropriate to the nature of the meeting.

Consecutive Interpreting Services

Consecutive interpretation is a format that is suitable for a small group of participants and usually covers only one language pair. This is most often a demonstration meeting or a presentation for a group of guests. The speaker allows for the interpretation phase and expressed an idea at a time, then waited for the interpreter to communicate it to the audience before resuming his presentation. 

This type of interpretation generally does not require specific equipment, apart from sometimes sound equipment. However, it requires the intervention of two interpreters in order to allow for alternation.

DAT provides you with competent interpreters in the language and specific areas of the meeting.