Certified translation: the role of the sworn translator/interpreter

What is a sworn translator?

You may have heard of certified translations, sworn translations, legal translations, or official translations. These are all different ways to refer to translations carried out by a sworn translator, for the purposes of official legal or administrative proceedings.

For example, under the French system, a sworn translator is a specialist appointed by a Court of Appeal. They will translate your document, sign it, and affix an official stamp attesting to the authenticity of the translation. This ensures that the translation is of recognized legal value.

How do you know if you need a certified translation?

You may be asked to provide a certified translation of the following documents:

  • Various notarised documents
  • Employment contract
  • Company registration document
  • Financial reports
  • Company articles of association
  • Merger or takeover agreement
  • Pay slips
  • Medical certificate
  • Employment certificate
  • Insurance documents
  • Criminal record
  • Identity documents


Why is the choice of sworn translator important?

The purpose of a certified translation is not necessarily to obtain a direct translation of the source language, but rather to translate the text in such a way that the concepts therein are understood by someone who is accustomed to a different legal system. This is why it is important for sworn translators not only to be proficient in their working languages, but also to have in-depth knowledge of the legal systems of the countries in question, so that they can transpose a concept from one legal system to another. Confidentiality is of the utmost importance given the nature of the documents. We ensure that your documents are treated as confidential at all times. As thorough knowledge of subject matter is also a top priority for us, our sworn translators constantly keep abreast of any legislative changes.


We have many translators who are specialized in sworn translations that we have worked with for over 30 years. Contact us for a free and customized quotation.

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